About DrupalFair Atlanta

What is DrupalFair Atlanta?

DrupalFair Atlanta is a career-focused event to bring companies and the community for them to network, consult, and talk about Drupal and associated technologies. The main purpose is a career fair setting, but we wanted to make this as open as possible...something unique yet productive for the community as a whole. Bringing together employees and candidates can benefit both parties involved, and with how difficult it is to recruit in this niche...this event could be very helpful at connecting the two together.

This event in 2016 is our inagural event.

Who should come to DrupalFair Atlanta?

Anyone who is developing CMS or dynamic websites using PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript (along with related technologies). As this is Drupal focused, seeing Drupal Developers and Site Builders would be ideal, but we know the community is bigger than that. If you are looking to get in to Drupal or have a passion for learning more, this would be a good chance to meet with companies and see what they are looking for as well.

Who is organizing DrupalFair Atlanta? 

The Atlanta Drupal Users Group

The Atlanta Drupal Users Group (ADUG) is a community of designers, developers, site builders, and engineers who work with Drupal to create websites and web applications for educational, commercial, professional, and personal use.  This group's primary goal is to help spread the collective knowledge of all things Drupal, as well as educate and train users on the newest technologies and features associated with Drupal to further the experienced Drupaler's understanding